Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome To Our Castle!

Welcome To Our Castle!!
"Please Wipe Your Feet Before You Enter The Castle"!!

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for coming to the castle of Queen J. & Princess S.! ( Well... actually this is not our castle ). This castle belongs to Cinderella but we will be staying here while our castle is going through renovations. We love staying here but it has really been hard adjusting to the royal life. Don't get me wrong this castle is so beautiful with the smell of warm amber and fresh picked flowers. It is so cozy and warm with tons of life like paintings. It also has a view that is just out of this world amazing. Look, you can see everything from here.  However it is really hard to enjoy things around here when you have a little princess who wants to take over everything. All I ask for is tranquility, some "me" time every once in a while. Yet with all the girl fights and tantrums things can get a little chaotic and out of control. So I'm really trying to figure out how to balance everything. I can't really complain though because millions of people would kill to live this life. I love my princess and we do have good times. We have tea parties with Molly, Uniqua, & Pablo ( those are  Princess S.'s friends ), we watch movies, read books, dance, sing, & every once in a while we walk around the castle without our tiaras on, with no worries at all! I wouldn't trade her in for anyone else in the world. ( Oh gosh, I am getting a little emotional over here ). I just hope that one day we will learn to share our castle so we can find our happily ever after. So, with that said feel free to look around, cookies and tea will be ready momentarily. 

ME- Queen J. (outside my royal clothes)

Princess S. (outside her royal clothes)

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